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Advisory Board

Communications Impact, LLC (CI) has over 20 years of extensive experience developing, planning, and executing advisory boards for a variety of physician, nurse, managed care and affiliated health care audiences. These meetings often focus on three central objectives: to share information, to explore potential options, and to make decisions. They help brand teams create or refine the strategic direction and tactical tools their brand undertakes to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Meeting Logistics Process Overview


Prior to each advisory board meeting, Communications Impact performs a needs analysis. Through this in-depth analysis, we seek to uncover measurable, relevant, & time-bound goals. This enables us to determine specific content and timelines to shape the overall meeting process and ensure we are able to create actionable meeting deliverables. Once this is completed, we review our proposed work plan with the product marketing team. Once approved, we carefully select and recruit appropriate participants, review participant pre-meeting assignments, finalize the meeting agenda, prepare content for the various meeting segments, and finalize the meeting logistics. By developing a coherent process early, we are able to set benchmarks that we monitor each step of the way to achieve the overall advisory board goals.


Once the overall goals of the meeting are agreed upon and content is developed and approved, we are ready to conduct the meeting. CI’s staff sees to each detail of the process with its onsite management team. Our moderators utilize various techniques at each meeting to achieve optimal gains and the realization of the project’s goal. These techniques include: top of mind exercises, perceptual mapping of feedback and conjoint analysis of discussion question responses. Additionally, we often use audience response systems to clarify and measure the strength of various responses. This helps reduce the associated “noise” or differing opinions that can arise during these meetings.


After the conclusion of the meeting, CI reviews and analyzes the discussion comments, workshop output, and the data collected by the audience response system to prepare an executive summary report for the product marketing team. The report contains follow-up recommendations including strategies, tactics, and future actions. These are reviewed with the product marketing team for approval and incorporation into the overall goal of the project.


Content for each meeting is developed based on the needs of the product marketing team, reviewing past market research and scientific data, and analyzing the needs of the target audience both on a market segment and functional basis. We develop in-depth moderator’s guides and a robust series of Audience Response System questions to facilitate interactive discussions during the advisory board general sessions and workshops, which are often woven throughout the marketing and clinical presentations.

Participant Selection and Recruitment

CI develops all recruitment materials for the advisory boards it hosts. Recruitment materials include but are not limited to the following: invitations, confirmation letters, program agendas, and thank you letters. CI’s staff contacts each participant to describe the process and gain preliminary commitments. During the attendee confirmation process, CI manages the logistics of sending out, tracking, and obtaining consultant service agreements for the client. The consulting agreements describe in detail their roles and responsibilities, compensation, and confidentiality arrangements.

Meeting Logistics

CI’s staff is capable of managing all the logistical arrangements for each of the advisory boards it conducts unless the client uses an in-house meeting planner, in which case CI closely coordinates its efforts. Our logistical services include: hotel procurement, contracting, and management; air travel for all attendees; ground transportation for all attendees; audiovisual procurement, management, and execution; and onsite coordination. Our meeting planners are skilled in the review/execution of hotel contracts and budgetary travel planning.

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