Programming and Media

Programming and Media

Live Programming

Live programming is an integral part of a solid medical communications platform. These programs serve as important tools in developing strong advocates for your product and are critical to ensure widespread dissemination of important clinical information. Communications Impact, LLC takes care of the details involved in executing flawless meetings or events to maximize your budget, minimize your stress, and optimize your interactions with your customers.

We focus on the end user and result, not just the event. By doing this we ensure that the program meets your needs and delivers the appropriate return on investment. We treat each client objective as our own, looking for ways to leverage materials, concepts, or technologies to further sustain the growth of the brand. We measure our success by tracking each program we deliver. Whether it is attendance, message, or sales results, we constantly monitor the program performance and adjust to deliver the highest quality programming.

Virtual Programming

Today we have the ability to bring groups of people from all over the world together without ever leaving our home or office. Communications Impact can bring your product information to the groups of people that are important to you over the web. Whether it be an enduring piece hosted on a website, an open access webcast, or even live meetings via webcast or teleconferencing, we have the resources you’re looking for and the technology to support your ideas.

Print Media

No medical communications plan is complete without well written visual or digital aids. Communications Impact’s staff of medical writers works closely with key opinion leaders to create timely and pertinent print materials for your product. We specialize in the development of materials that link scientific data, environmental issues, and expert consensus recommendations with brand messages and profiles.

Adherence Programs

At CI we realize that these unwanted outcomes can be resolved by offering adherence support programs for people based on their individual needs. Our programs address the various ways people learn incorporate a variety of media, and use principles of collaborative care to provide them with the best chance for adherence by providing materials and support specifically tailored to them.

Congress strategy & support

Due to the competitive nature of the market, a well-crafted, market-specific scientific and environmental narrative is critical to reduce restrictions for its use. CI uses promotional materials to create a platform to maximize the impact of your brand by incorporating sound scientific messages that identify patients who would benefit from interventions at congresses. Using critical pathways we use key attributes to show the overall value in a simple but yet creative message platform. Key clinical elements include: efficacy versus competitive agents, safety/AEs versus competitive agents, MOA, long term safety, overall value, and the targeted patient profile. Additionally we will build on the scientific base with environmental data derived from key environmental drivers to develop a more complete “story” that will resonate with the payer and provider audiences. This results in enhancing our ability to evaluate, engage, and expand brand advocacy.

Continual Communication Vehicles

There are a variety of benefits to the use of a customer relational marketing approach to marketing. It can improve quality of efficiency of communications, help to decrease costs, aid in decision making support, target customers based on their needs, and strengthen customer relationships. It shifts the focus from an event to a continual process. In addition to disseminating information we seek to gather information throughout the process to make interactions more effective and efficient. By automating this capability we can further engage customers via these surveys and requests for presentations and information.

Specializing in the Business of Healthcare

Fully integrated workforce of medical, environmental, market research, and operational expertise.



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