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Communications Impact, LLC (CI) has a vast experience with conducting speaker training programs for various clinical and allied health professionals. We have developed, planned and executed numerous training programs for various clinicians and specialists, nurses, and third party payers including managed care medical and pharmacy directors, in both live and web-based settings.

Live Speaker Training

For the live trainings, CI collaborates with key opinion leaders (KOL) that have exceptional knowledge on the product and disease state to develop the meeting flow, content, and learning objectives. We also conduct pre-meeting teleconferences with each faculty member to review their responsibilities for the speaker training meeting. Following the pre-meeting teleconferences, we are in constant communication with the faculty to ensure their preparation for the meeting. To this end we provide each faculty member with an annotated working agenda for both training and the workshops in advance to assist with their preparation.

Web Platform Training

In order to create alternative to live programming CI has developed a web platform to conduct speaker training. This platform eliminates the need for standard meeting planning logistics such as hotel procurement, air/ground travel, audiovisual procurement, and onsite coordination. Elements of the training remain consistent to the live process but are developed via electronic media. Our expert programmers work with the faculty and web moderators to ensure a successful objective. These elements must create an interactive environment that is engaging and relevant for the participants in order to be successful. CI has mastered those elements and regularly conducts this type of training to its clients. Potential web pages that can be developed include:

  • a landing page with the program’s title, disclaimer information, and client graphics
  • a login page that requires a username and password to proceed, which ensures security against competitors
  • content pages featuring the faculty trainers’ names, titles, and photos,
  • polling features as well as online question-and-answers
  • a link to the product’s Prescribing Information and Privacy Policy
  • web archive features for participants to revisit prior to or post programming

Opinion Leader Development

The CI staff members are experts at identifying, recruiting, and developing the most effective opinion leaders for our clients. Our long-term relationships with leading physicians and payers provide a strong applicant pool from which to pull objective, credible, and respected physicians to support your product campaign.

Our Key Opinion Leader (KOL) database contains various inputs that correlate to the KOL’s strengths, program performance, areas of interest, logistical information, and areas of potential and actual deployment. Utilizing this database we can assign KOLs to various tasks that include:

  • Sequencing core messages and programs
  • Mobilizing appropriate advocates in appropriate forums
  • Creating a geographically diverse hierarchical system that utilizes national and regional advocates to deploy national and local education

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