Today’s Marketers Needs More Data Promptly

Today, fast and credible market intelligence is essential to the successful marketing of pharmaceutical and biologic products. Additionally, one critical area of influence that often gets overlooked is payer or managed markets research. With evolving utilization management techniques that can significantly limit access, coverage, and reimbursement for a product, this market sector is easily the prime segment that must be accounted for and clearly understood.

In response to this need, Communications Impact, LLC (CI) has developed a tool, Prompt Response™ that not only allows for continuous and comprehensive research in the managed markets arena, but also guarantees timely analysis and results. Prompt Response™ is a web-based research tool that utilizes a static panel of market experts dedicated to answering key market research questions for twelve continuous months. Prompt Response™ is designed to provide you with:

  • Access to a static panel of 10 Pharmacy Directors and 10 Medical Directors from managed care plans of 75,000 lives and higher for 12 continuous months
  • Subscriptions to three different panels are available that focus on Commercial lives, Managed Medicaid Lives, or Managed Medicare Lives Panels
  • Therapeutic and/or disease exclusivity
  • Prompt feedback – Each subscription provides prompt feedback to our clients from the panelists who participate in 4 surveys per year providing answers to queries within 72 hours after posting
  • Each panel is capped at 3 manufacturers per term (annual period)

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